“It’s all about what’s in your box of Crayons”

Nov 05, 2014

The high-impact role of color in what we create has a lot to do with the way we perceive the world by way of meaning. Giving meaning to these colors and to what they can/will represent is something that we as human beings have devised and programmed our minds to do. As a result, colors are considered one of the most important tools to carry meanings and messages in the vast spanse design.

Physically and mentally, your mind reacts to color in the way that it has been programmed. I would submit that colors may have different meanings by each individual due to past events, association, and lifestyles. Each color creates a specific atmospheres that can manipulate your mood or produce a kind of feeling or reaction from you. Effectively, color is widely used as a control-feature mainly due to the fact that we have been programmed, since birth, to think in a certain way relating to that color.

While color is grounded in how the mind is trained to acknowledge the meanings of the colors which have been created, for designers, like those here at Red Sheet, a firm knowledge of color is extremely essential. This knowledge gives our designers the ability to focus our design’s colors to effectively evoke the kind of reaction your company is looking for. When you realize that color is nothing but a perception of the brain – a response of the data received by the brain through a visual sensor, you will be able to understand the kind of reaction that particular color creates.

So it’s not just about the many shades of blue, green, and red in your Crayon box, it’s about producing the type of graphics that will grab the attention of potential clients, consumers, and business partners. That’s why we take such great pride in our work here at Red Sheet. We offer some of the finest graphic services on the market, and it’s all customized to your company. Are colors important to you?

By Jonathan Williquette
Writer / Blogger / Web Marketing & Design Expert

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