“Your Personality Really Matters”

Nov 05, 2014

Branding personality is an increasingly important aspect to a company’s overall marketing success. But shockingly enough, our creative bubble does not give it the attention it desperately needs. Here is a simple, yet disciplined approach to developing a personality that will differentiate your brand from all of the other fads and trends of today’s society.

1. More Isn’t Always Better.
There is a greater amount of advertising in today’s people hub, filling a huge and ever-expanding range of communication streams. It’s becoming so much more difficult for our audiences to discern and weigh every comparative claim, even when those few, meaningful comparisons are made by those who take the time. Add to these problems the average human’s ridiculously-small attention span, and there’s no doubt you can understand why message-based communication —communication that asks audiences to evaluate, discern, and act upon—is less likely than ever to claim a place in an audience’s mind.

2. Emotional Responses are Key
Decisions are ALWAYS based on some level of emotion. This knowledge has dramatic implications for advertising and marketing companies. While marketing position and specific messaging draws its power from logic, personality is the heaviest factor that reaches beyond the intellect and tugs on an individual’s emotions. Personality also communicates immediately to a subconscious level, while marketing position and specific messaging must be targeted and absorbed through the brain’s main channels. This proves to be a difficult task in today’s overly-cluttered informational bubble.

Every communication has a personality, whether this was intentional by those responsible for the creation of the brand or not. If you fail to purposefully develop your brand’s personality with the same priorities that you key to marketing position or specific messaging, you will miss a critical opportunity to impact the success of your brand.

By Jonathan Williquette
Writer / Blogger / Web Marketing & Design Expert

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