Actions speak louder than words

Jan 07, 2015

Is that phrase always true? Showing your spouse or significant other that you love them can go much farther than simply saying, “I love you.” Don’t underestimate the power of words, though. The things you or your company say, whether it’s in written form or simply spoken, can change the course of a conversation, a relationship, and even an individual’s behavior. This is a big push in the marketing realm when a company looks into their product or service advertising.

You can go a step further and use specific wording to attract an individual’s emotions. Describe for them in detail what it could be like if they used your products or services. Craft a verbal picture that allows them to imagine what they can gain from using your products or services, or perhaps what they would be missing if they choose not select you and your company. Spend some time looking at what buyers do when they get to your website. What type of paths do they follow when navigating through your site? Where do they go first? Do they purposefully look for information about products or services or do they click away seconds after they arrive? What kind of wording can your company use to attract, then keep those potential customers locked into your site and push a purchase decision.

The main focus for YOU is finding what words have the biggest impact. Google has a huge amount of incredible sources for companies to figure out which words carry the most weight. Red Sheet uses words to attract and push audiences to purchase products and services. When you contract Red Sheet to create sources for your brand products or services, we take those ideas and expertly craft advertising that positively impacts your audience base and pushes individuals to buy. Why woud you settle for less?

By Jonathan Williquette
Writer / Blogger / Web Marketing & Design Expert

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